Around 2007 I was operating charter boats on the Gold Coast when the local Qld Marine Safety Surveyor condemmed my karly floats
I had a great deal of difficulty finding some new ones but eventually I found a guy making them in fiberglass so I bought some and the realising he did not have a web site or sales manager I did a deal to sell his. Unfortunately unreliable supply lines and broken floats as well as a passenger cutting his leg on broken fiberglass joins in a float. This was the straw that broke the Camels back so I stopped selling them.

After a brief break I set about designing a better float and I investigated making them from Fire Retardant polyethylene which it turned out was fine so I enlisted the well known and highly respected Queensland Naval architect Jon Pattie at Sea Life Designs to make drawings and certify our floats. All our floats are now made to the correct specifications and have been tested for compliance by Jon Pattie

So we have designed a better float! Our floats are more durable as well as being lighter so easier to launch in the event of an emergency
AND of course close to the heart of all charter operators they are significantly cheaper than the fiberglass ones we used to sell.
We now manufacture 3 convenient sizes 6 person 12 person and 20 person and we usually have  them in stock in our warehouse in Newcastle

Enquiries - Email sales@karlyfloats.com.au or call 02 8379 5334